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About Good For You Desserts

It all started back in 1995 with a woman, a sweet tooth and a dream. Wendy McNally opened her own Bakery with one objective; to make a product that tasted like the treats she was presently enjoying, only healthier. She set out to make foods that were good for people.

Good For You Desserts was conceived out of the desire to indulge in sweets, without the guilt. It meant not depriving yourself of the treats you crave, but a matter of choosing the right ones.

Wendy never imagined a bakery in her future. When she was little, the closest she got to baking was the time she spent on her Easy Bake Oven! But, following a nine week course and a year of experimentation in her Toronto apartment, the perfect Low Fat treat was perfected. When her moist, decadent tasting Chocolate Chip Banana Bread started attracting the attention of family and friends, Good For You Desserts was born.

Despite humble beginnings, Good For You Desserts landed Toronto's prestigious Pusateri's Avenue Road in 1996. Pusateri's appreciated the Good For You concept and offered the breads to their discriminating customers. They couldn't keep them on the shelves.

And the rest, they say, is history. Still a key customer over 20 years later, Pusateri's is among the many prestigious and loyal customers Good For You Desserts has developed based on hard work, commitment and uncompromising quality. Delicious treats without the fat...IMAGINE THAT!

Good For You Desserts is a Canadian owned and operated company that produces high quality baked goods for you and your family. They are NUT FREE, low fat, low calorie, low sodium, low cholesterol, no Trans fat, SINFUL TASTE! Need we say more? They use all natural, fresh ingredients with absolutely NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES.

You and your family deserve to make Good For You Desserts a part of your lives.

All of their breads are homemade with all fresh ingredients; and they still peel all their own bananas. This ensures they get the most natural sweetness from each banana. Each Banana Bread contains over half a pound of bananas. Add the punch of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips and the result is a mouth watering delicacy! The Carrot, Pineapple, Raisin Bread has lots of fresh carrots and pineapple, with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Because they are all natural, breads should be refrigerated to ensure continued freshness. They freeze beautifully up to 3 months. To preserve freshness keep Brownie Dreams in the freezer. They thaw in a snap!